About ZagDesign

Janet Zagoria, ZagDesign Owner
My parents owned a fabric store in New Jersey. As a kid, I would climb into the large bolts of fabric and take a nap. The customers would always be surprised to find a child among the wools, linens, silk taffetas and upholstery fabrics.

In those days, fabrics were all beautiful works of art, purchased in New York from Yiddish-speaking wholesalers with merchandise from all over the world.

I grew up knowing art wasn’t just something to hang on the walls – it could be functional and come in many forms.

Even though I started out as a fine artist (painting, drawing, etc.), I discovered when learning printmaking in the 70s, I had a talent for combining art with technology.

This led me to graphic design, photography, publishing, product design and Web design starting in 1999.

Over the years, I have worked directly with clients, through public relations and independent Web design companies, as well as subcontracting through graphic artists, programmers and writers.

By actively participating in multimedia, Web and other tech organizations (in positions such as president and program director), I have been immersed in the latest Web industry technology since the 90s.

I was able to bring all my skills, and develop a whole lot more along the way, to make ZagDesign a one-stop shop. I also partner with a talented group of technologically savvy experts and artists to make sure all clients’ needs are met.

In 1980, I started on an endeavor that is still current. I bought a house and discovered, since this was before disclosure laws, that the water system was privately owned and was equivalent to service and quality found in a third-world country.

This prompted me to publicly take over the water district, manage a $4.2 million rebuilding project and create a locally elected board of directors. I have been on the board since its inception. We now have one of the best water districts in the nation which have been actively practicing water conservation since the 80s.

The road for me in business has been (roughly in this order):
  • Craftsperson (leather, batik and hand painted clothing)
  • Clothing wholesale entrepreneur
  • Technical graphic artist and photo technician
  • Production Manager, designer, photographer and writer for publications and advertising agencies
  • Designer and manufacturer of gift items for the wine and microbrewery industries
  • Advertising representative and sales manager
  • eBook designer and developer
  • Web designer and developer
  • Multimedia trainer and junior college instructor
  • Consultant to small and mid-sized businesses for Web and Internet-related development

To read more, go to: Janet Zagoria's Resume.


Patricia Brunelle
Photographer, Videographer
Patricia Brunelle is a media producer with over 30 years experience in photography. She has worked in the photography department of the Art Institute of Chicago and at several universities’ media departments developing educational and public relations programs.
Her photographs have been used by Burson-Marsteller, WTTW Chicago and Jack Morton Productions. Patricia has worked in corporate show production in Chicago and San Francisco.
Patricia worked as a wedding and business conference videographer and photographer for 20 years. For the last 8 years she has developed her knowledge with the emerging digital technology and does on-site and studio work for the Internet marketing needs in the real estate, winery, restaurant and hospitality industries. To her specialties, she is adding A Day in the Life of families to help them record those precious moments for the future.
Patricia has a BS Degree with a concentration in photojournalism and art, an MA Degree in educational media production and a teaching degree in Social Sciences.
Moira Hill
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Cartographer
Moira Hill has 18 years of experience in graphic design and illustration specializing in identity, business collateral, events, and annual reports, books and other long documents for both print and Web.
She has created successful promotional and advertising campaigns for clients in the health, humanitarian, cultural, manufacturing, and service industries for clients such as Boston Scientific, Redwood Empire Food Bank, California Association of Food Banks, Aligned Growth Partners, AO-Sola, Legacy Marketing Group, Agilent Technologies, Westec Tank & Equipment, and Redwood Empire Veterinary Medical Association.
She specializes in working with small businesses and non-profit organizations.
Moira has 2 BA degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara (Geography, Environmental Studies), and certificates in Graphic Design and Fine Art (coursework equivalent to BFA in graphic design).
She taught graphic design and design applications at Santa Rosa Junior College for 7 years.