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Janet Zagoria, ZagDesign Group Director
Janet Zagoria I grew up knowing I wanted to be an artist and never considered anything else.

Becoming a Web designer was a natural extension of my artistic interests, but it did not happen overnight. My art career took many turns and has contributed to making me a better designer.

I studied painting and a smattering of commercial art in college. It wasn’t until I took a course in printmaking that I saw the vibrant symbiosis between art and technology.

Once I understood I had a talent for both design and this kind of science, I picked mediums that involved both.

The third ingredient that was needed to turn me into a combination Web designer, developer and consultant was to add business skills that ripened while working in a variety of art-related industries.

The road for this Web designer has been:
  • Craftsperson (leather, batik and hand painted clothing)
  • Clothing wholesale entrepreneur
  • Technical graphic artist and photo technician
  • Production Manager, designer, photographer and writer for publications and advertising agencies.
  • Designer and manufacturer of gift items for the wine and microbrewery industries
  • Advertising representative and sales manager
  • Consultant to small and mid-sized businesses for Web and Internet-related development.
  • Multimedia trainer and junior college instructor
  • eBook designer and developer
spacer My Web design work is directly with clients, through public relations and independent Web design companies, as well as subcontracting through graphic artists, programmers and writers.

By actively participating in multimedia and Web organizations, I am immersed in the latest Web industry technology.

One of my strongest ties has been with the North Bay Internet Society (NBIS), a tech group that met monthly at O'Reilly Media in Sebastopol from 2007 to 2013. In 2010, I became the Program Director.

While at NBIS, I met and started working with programmers who created a hosted Content Management System (CMS) for Websites and apps. Many of my clients' are now using this CMS, named Webvanta.

Starting in 2000, I became North Bay Multimedia Association’s (NBMA) Webmaster, then President, followed by Program Director. I developed and produced many programs for NBMA until 2005 as well as co-produced events with other technology groups (Sonoma County Web Developers SIG, SofTECH, San Francisco Digital Imaging Group, et al). NBMA served “multimedians” in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1992.

Since 2005, I have been partnering with a talented group of technologically savvy experts to form the ZagDesign Group.

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