Phone Banking - SwingLeft Sonoma County

Virtual Phone Banking System

Call Dates: Any day through June 5
Number of Hours: Call as often as you can throughout these dates. We ask for 2 or more hours.
Support Dates: Wed, June 30 through June 5
Support Hours: 9AM-9PM
Calling to Voters Hours: 10AM-9PM (on June 5 end about 6-7PM)
Call: Janet Zagoria at 707-887-9187 (Patti Brunelle is also available at this number to answer your questions.)

  • Leave message with your phone number if Janet is not immediately available.
  • Include what you need to know if possible.

 Step 1. Phone Bank Shift Sign In  (Records who is calling.)

CodeBlue Sign In Click here:
Important initial log in for phone banking that day.
In order to gather stats, you must do Step 1 each day you phone bank before Step 2.


 Step 2. Register & Sign In for the Online Calling System 


For CA 48 (Dana Rohrabacher's District), Click Here


If NEW to this system, click blue link under the LOG IN button to register.
You only need to add your name and email address.
Once registered, log in.
- Use your own email address
- Use this password: win2018
You may need to re-register - name/email address - each day you phone in this system. If you are still having problems, use a made-up email and/or a different browser. Don't suffer for too long. Call Janet: 707-887-9187. She is a techie and can help.


 Step 3. Start Calling  (The fun part!)

Once logged in, you will see a script. (See example below.)
a. Use the words shown in script or put in words most comfortable for you.
b. In the right column, choose one if you did not reach a person. DO NOT leave a message.
c. You may have more than one person at this number. Make sure to scroll down and give responses for each person.
(Repeat for any other people at this number.*)
d. Pick his/her answer to first question.
e. Use green arrows to continue to next questions and pick answers.
f. Click on green End call button at bottom right.

* If more then 1 person, you will have to click on the names to expand the box.

  • DO NOT advocate for one candidate over another. We are non-candidate specific.
  • DO NOT leave a message.

After Phone Bank Reporting Form Step 4. Summary of Home Based Phone Banking 

Click here:
Reporting Form

Please give us a quick recap of your experience from May 30 - June 5. We want your feedback! Please fill out the reporting form by June 6. (If calling multiple days, you can wait until the end – not each time.) It is an important piece to our effort for the future.

Thank you for helping make democracy work.


Need more? Go to:
CA-48 Information Library
Look here for information about the district, background, Phone Bank Instructions and Election FAQs.

If going to a phone bank,
don't forget to bring your:

• Phone & Charger



• Earbuds/headphones


• Laptop & Charger



If no laptop, then:
• Tablet & Charger