Video is a great way to add interest to your site and draw in traffic. Your video should not be hosted on the same server as your site for good reasons. Below is what you need to know about having video on your site:

  • Watching videos online takes a big pipe (meaning the downloading of the video to watch) and most website hosting companies are not set up to offer this.
  • Having your video parked at a site like YouTube will give you much more exposure than hosting on a site’s server. (YouTube is its own huge search engine besides Google.)
  • Your video can be what is called “embedded” on your site so it looks like it is actually coming from your site without the added costs that could come from a do-it-yourself hosting option.
  • You can have video hosted for free (but usually comes with the video site’s logo and other videos shown once yours is done) or pay a monthly price. The cost will depend on how big (the length and/or the actual file size) your video is, how many you have, how many people watch it in a month, how large you wish it to appear along with high definition.
  • Most businesses and nonprofits can use the free option.

One of ZagDesign’s partners, Patricia Brunelle, is a videographer and photographer. She offers high quality products for businesses.

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