Some of the following factors helps determine time:

  • How ready you are with your content (text, images, etc.)
  • How available you or your employees are to work on the project
  • How many features are on the website (needed to be built)
  • How many different templates your site needs such as: a photo gallery may need one or two templates, certain sections may require their own templates

I tell clients at the beginning of the project how long it will take me to build the site. However, if the project is delayed due to slow responses, content not available, or multiple change orders, the project will naturally take longer.

For a small-medium sized, the timeline is usually 3-6 weeks. This timing takes into account there will be some waiting for content and decision making. Larger sites, especially when there is a team of people involved, will take longer.

I try to plan for these delays and what may come up at the beginning of the project. In planning out the project, especially a big one, I identify with the site owner which parts of the site is most needed to launch the site. This way the new site can be live to the public without the project being completely done but enough of it will be there to satisfy the businesses’s needs.

If you already have a site we are replacing, you can leave that site live to the public while we work on the new site so your business is never without a site.

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