Below are basic tips to make it easier for people to read your text content, kept engaged and to get the most out of what you wrote:

  • Write in chunks of text, keep single ideas in one paragraph and the paragraphs short.
  • Use dark text (black or almost black) on a light background.
  • Avoid, at all costs, dark background with light text.
  • Use subheads (bolded and/or a different color) over a set of paragraphs to draw the eye there.The subheads should be a short phrase that summarizes the paragraph’s content.
  • Only include information in these paragraphs that relate directly to your business.
  • Use only 2-3 fonts, 3-4 sizes of type in total.
  • Minimize use of italics, script and serif fonts.
  • Keep the most important info at the top of the page. You can have long pages with text, which is good for Search Engine Optimization, but people may not read down too far.
  • Jokes should be avoided if only because they may be hard to understand.
  • Be clear!

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