Often business owners wish to get an estimate for a website project whether it is for a new site, one that needs pieces added or one that needs a whole makeover. Although there are developers who have used formulas (ie: 10 pages, first page costs $x), it is better to figure out what features the site needs to before getting a quote.

Features you want to think about are:

  • Allow visitors to buy directly from the site (digital or other products, services, subscription payments, etc.)
  • Photo galleries
  • Calendar with or without the ability to make appointments
  • A blog
  • Use of video

Other important pieces of a website project to think about are:

  • Your budget limits
  • Who will be working directly with the web developer (the fewer the better)
  • If you need a new or revamped logo
  • If  you want to be trained to do the maintenance and what parts want to update
  • If you need more than basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) such as Google AdWords
  • If you have Social Media needs.
  • If you need content to be written for you
  • If you need to get photography and/or video and if you need photo and video editing

These are just a few areas to have thought about before asking for an estimate. I can often give a ballpark estimate/range in my first meeting.

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